About Us…

What is K9s for Compassion?

K9s for Compassion is a 501c3 Community Partner of the Pet Partners Program. Through careful evaluations of animal/handler teams by Licensed Pet Partners Animal Evaluators, veterinary screening, and a Team Training Course, we can ensure that people and animals are prepared to go into hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, schools and libraries.

K9s for Compassion Mission Statement

To provide animal assisted activity and animal assisted therapy for the mental and psychological healing of persons in health care organizations and educational programs. Through interaction between animals and people, an increased positive physco-social sense of well-being will be provided through sharing, caring and compassion.

Testing Procedure

There are 19 parts to the animal/handler test. To see detailed descriptions please visit the Pet Partners website. (Will open in a new window)

Part of the test is on basic obedience. The other part of the test is aptitude. This is a practical test of things that will happen frequently during visits to hospitals and nursing homes. The screening is very important for the safety of the patients and the animals. This test was formulated by animal behaviorists and veterinarians over many years.

Once completing the animal/handler test, the veterinarian screening process, the Team Training Course and all information is sent to Pet Partners.

Team Training Course

To become a K9s team you must first attend a Team Training Course taught by K9s for Compassion. You must sign up in advance to attend this Team Training Course. Please contact K9s at 330-534-2001 and leave your name and phone number so we a contact you.


At the Team Training Course, or shortly after, you will be given an opportunity to schedule an evaluation with K9s For Compassion Licensed Evaluators.

The evaluations will be held a within a couple weeks of the Team Training Course and will be by appointment only.


After you pass your evaluation and receive your PetPartner ID Badge a K9s for Compassion team member will mentor you and your dog for 6 visits or more if necessary.

For the first three visits you observe the K9 mentor and their dog in various facilities. The next two visits will be you and your dog accompanied by just the mentor. The remaining visits will be both you and your dog and your mentor and their dog.

This ensures that you and your dog get exposure to visiting and are comfortable before visiting on your own.